Get to Phoenix, quick.

Really. Book a flight and head to the middle of town to get the most amazing pumpkin soup you’ve ever had before it goes out of season. I’m not sure how much longer the pumpkin soup at St. Francis will be around, so the sooner you make your arrangements, the better.

I shouldn’t have qualified things. Get to Phoenix and get the best soup of your life, which just so happens to be pumpkin.

If you think it’s an expensive price to pay – flight, Lyft, and all – for a bowl of soup, you haven’t tried this soup yet. Plus, you don’t need to check a bag as you’ll just be in town a short time, so there you go.

You’re hesitating. What – you can’t appreciate rich, umami-tinged pumpkin goodness surprised every few slurps with tangy sweet bursts of pomegranate, and pleasantly startled again by an earthy punch of baked parmesan?

Make a full trip out of it. Catch a Suns game or get tickets to the Phoenix Symphony. Hamilton is playing there for another month. Have a techie job? Have your company send you to Digital Summit Phoenix at the Phoenix Convention Center. Do what you can, but just get to St. Francis and order their pumpkin soup. Just a little advice.

Oh, and their mimosas, egg sandwich, and tomato baked eggs will make you glad you came as well.

St. Francis
111 E. Camelback in Phoenix