Ladies Who Dine is a (not so) secret (anymore) restaurant club launched in February 2011 by seven “Ladies” who love to eat. Each month, members rotate in selecting a location for dinner and drinks. Our aim is to step out of our food comfort zones, sample the wealth of Southern California cuisine available to us, and make each other laugh until we pee. I’d have to say, we do a pretty good job with each of these goals every month. In 2013, we upped our membership to nine since, typically, not all members are able to make it on our regular night. In 2015, we expanded our bellies once again (or at least the number of bellies in our group) with LWD 2.0 (find our bylaws here and our outings here).

Active Members

  • Diane B. – Lady President of the Ladies Who Dine (POTLWD)
  • Sandy W. – Lady Thick Leg
  • Veronica M. – Lady Burps-A-Lot
  • Gabriela H. – Lady Peru
  • Belinda P. – Sheltered Lady
  • Ivonne A. – Lady Wilkutabitch
  • Jen G. – Lady YOLO
  • William L. – Lady Bug
  • Emily H. – Lady Lady
  • Julio G. – Lady(ies) (and Men) Love Cool Julio (aka LML Cool J)
  • Mario G. – Lady Kitten
  • Kristina R. – Lady Fungus
  • Cindy. T – Lady Mujer
  • Shawna S. – The Honorable & Esteemed Council Lady (aka THE Council Lady)

Rules, Regulations and Protocols

  • A LWD Collection Box will be available at ALL outings. Drop in any dollar (or coin) amount you’d like (e.g. the cost of your meal or a drink; or your couple dollars of change remaining after paying the bill) in the can. Our official charity for 2017 is No Kid Hungry.
  • Guests must be invited! Cute and/or well-behaved babies under age 3 are welcome. Hate this rule? Invite your guest to May’s Dinner for Schmucks.
  • New members will be considered only during the secret consideration month.
  • Sponsors should select their restaurant at least 1-2 weeks in advance so that we can make reservations.
  • Attendance will be taken – however, no penalty will be given for missing an outing.
  • Fines will be issued for last minute (day of) cancelations after an RSVP has been confirmed.
  • Please be willing to be a driver – the Otto Mo Bil award will be given to the year’s best driver during December’s End-of-Year Eatabration.
  • Please refrain from any fork, spoon, or knife action until Lady POTLWD takes a photo of your dish.
  • Use #LWDLBC if you tag.
  • Relationships between members are 100% and completely prohibited!! We will grandfather in existing relationships (e.g wife-wife, mother-son, mother-daughter) under LWD 1.0 rules.
  • Pick venues that are no more than 20 miles from the Health Department; consider traffic when picking your restaurant.
  • Please bring your LWD badge (issued at or after June’s outing) to each outing; fines issued for not bringing badge; glass-of-wine fee for lost/stolen badge (payable to Lady POTLWD).
  • Bring cash. Come with a sharing heart. Uber if you can’t get yourself home safely (or ask another LWDer for a ride).

LWD Outings

LWD Awards 2012

The Ladies

Lady Thick Leg

Just the Facts: No meal is complete without a cocktail, Adventurous
Board Position: Vice-President
OG LWD Member

Lady Wilkutabitch

Lady Wilkutabitch
Just the Facts: She WILL cut a bitch
Position: Sergeant-at-Arms
OG LWD Member


Just the Facts: Ate for two in 2012 (wussup C.A.?), Loves Cajun pasta without the Cajun spices
OG LWD Member

Lady President of the Ladies Who Dine (aka Lady POTLWD)

Just the Facts: Self-elected LWD President, Picky, Double beans/No rice
Position: Self-Elected President and Master Texter
OG LWD Member
Founding LWD Member

Lady Kitten

Just the Facts: Not allowed to “Talk Port” or whine, Dark beer
Position: Port Authority and Unconstructive Criticizer
OG LWD Member
Founding LWD Member

Lady Lady

Just the Facts: Resident vegetarian, Kind of British

Lady Burpsalot

Just the Facts: From Veracruz, Hates when gringos open Mexican restaurants and Lady Papa likes the food
OG LWD Member

Lady Fungus

Just the Facts: Sit next to her because she never finishes her drink, Must have dessert

Lady Peru
Just the Facts: Don’t mess with this Peruvian – she’s eaten a hamster before (a Peruvian delicacy…or so she says), Likes an authentic pisco sour, Also known as Lady GIF.

Sheltered Lady

Just the Facts: We call her Sheltered Lady for a reason, Also known as Lady Yorba.

Lady Bug
Lady Bug - Ladies Who Dine
Just the Facts: New dad, Hates driving (even more than Lady POTLWD), Only child issues

Lady(ies) (and Men) Love Cool Julio (aka LML Cool J)
Just the Facts: Namaste dude, Social worker power

Lady Mujer
Lady Mujer
Just the Facts: New mommy, Let’s talk about syphilis

The Honorable & Esteemed Council Lady (aka THE Council Lady)
Bio & Picture Coming Soon!

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