Cool, calm – just like a breeze (MC Rob Base & DJ Easy Rock)

My mind’s my nine, my pen’s my Mac 10 (Notorious BIG)

Single black female addicted to retail (Kanye West)

Around the way girl (LL)

I’m not white or red or black, I’m brown (BDP)

I just might put my 40 in the freezer ‘cuz I wanna get bent tonight (DJ Quik)

I’m ill, not sick (Weezy)

$3.99 for all you can eat, well I’m a stuff my face to a funky beat (Fat Boys)

I never even smoked a gram of crack but yo, I’m dope (Outkast)

Ain’t a woman alive that can take my mama’s place (Tupac)

The way Kathie Lee needed Regis, that’s the way I need Jesus (Kanye West)

In my younger days I used to sport a shag (Pharcyde)

Compton [Stockton] and Long Beach together, now you know you’re in trouble (Snoop)

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  1. WORD!! lol
    LOVE IT!!!

  2. Who would have ever known…mind-blowing, decisions…I’m amazed!! This will be our little secret!! I love it!!!

    Michelle Roberts
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