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I’ve been told that I don’t open up very well. That I’m guarded. I’d never thought about this until someone mentioned the point to me, and then believed it to be true. Even here on this blog – I’ll talk food and running and wine and travel, but I rarely talk me: my feelings, my hopes, my inside stuff.

Well, I’m ’bout to drop something big right here. I’m a hot, anxious mess. I’m literally teeming with anxiety. And doubt. And stress. And I often don’t know what to do with it.

But, duh. I’m a writer (kinda-sorta) with a blog. Why not just put my shit out there as a form of therapy. I decided on this four minutes ago, coming up with the title Between You and Di (had to be a pun) for when I just need to share something, no matter how stupid, sad, or revealing it may be. I’ll draw the line when it comes to posting personal content that might get me fired, but I’m ready to put things out there.

Be good to me, internet.

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